Hello! Japan is the first private Japanese General Entertainment TV channel in Asia, showcasing the latest and hottest in Japan. Viewers can catch Japanese variety shows, movies, anime and many more on Hello! Japan. All content are in its original Japanese language with localised English subtitles.

Hello! Japan is wholly owned by J Food & Culture TV Pte Ltd.
J Food & Culture TV (JFCTV) was established in 2011 in Singapore as the headquarters for J Food & Culture TV’s broadcasting business and for the purpose of sharing high-quality Japanese content with an international audience to promote the evolving and exciting Japanese culture. It currently operates Hello! Japan, an ad-supported entertainment channel offering Japanese content in HD. JFCTV’s investors includes Dentsu, Nippon Television Network Corporation, TV Asahi Corporation, Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, TV TOKYO Holdings Corporation, Singapore Media Alliance Pte., Ltd., Imagica Robot Holdings Inc., Hokkaido Television Broadcasting and Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions Co., Ltd.